Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm confused

Completely and utterly confused.

I wish this person that confuses me so would stop doing it!!!!

That is all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

haha finally an interesting week!!!

So this week was very eventful, to me at least.

Tuesday I went camping with my friends Lauren, Sam, and Jon. This was my first time ever going camping, so I was excited. We went to Lake Jocassee. It's the only Lake I've been to so I can't really say it's the best lake I've been to.
We set up camp, and went walking about. Around 9 pm Sam and Jon went for a hike, and Lauren were going to join up with them. After about 30 minutes were went out to the lake. We didn't know which way they went, so we just stayed near our camp site. That's when we met two of our camp site neighbors, Ross and Matt. They were cool, and we ended up hanging out with them while waiting for our guys to return. So when we joined them we also met Jon, Mika(I think that's how he spells it), and Zeek. They were really friendly nice guys, and were very generous. They offered us drinks, and were just awesome guys to hang out with. They'd be the type of people I'd hang out with on a regular basis.
Anyway the guys returned at like 1:30 am. Sam lost his cool flashlight. It had a red, green, blue, and white light. I wanted it!!! Well I went to sleep once they got back. I pretty much blacked out...until 3 am. It got cold really quick. So I laid there for a while trying to get luck. After a while I got up, and put on every bit of clothing I brought with me, and went back into the tent. Even that didn't help. After a bit Lauren had to go to the bathroom, and I went with her. When we got back I just decided that I'll just stay awake, cause they was no way I'd be able to get back to sleep. So I pretty much only got like an hour and a half of sleep. Not that I minded. I had my Zune, some paper, pens, a book light, and thoughts, and I wrote a lot. I also got to see the sunrise, which is something I never really get to see. I took a lot of pictures. I'll post a lot of them at but here's one of my favorites. all in all I had a great time. Thought there is one that that's going to boggle me. We had a conversation with the neighbor guys, and they asked us if we heard the other tent making noise. I didn't hear a thing, and Sam did, and he's deaf. He took his hearing aid out, and he still heard the other tent making noise(and what I mean by noise is the people in the tent were having sex.) I must have been in such a deep sleep, that I just couldn't hear it. I wish that deep sleep lasted more than an hour or so. lol

Once I got home I had to take a quick shower and get ready for church. Oh goodness, I almost fell asleep playing a song at orchestra practice. It was awful. I'll go ahead and tell you that I slept so good that night. Kathryn and I were suppose to go to the mall the following day, but due to certain circumstances, she had to postpone. So I got to over sleep, and I must say it was the first time I've actually liked sleeping over.

Friday, Kathryn and I went to the mall. We did what we normally do, and try on some weird outfits, and prom dresses. She also had to look for a prom dress for her boyfriend's prom. She had absolutely no luck. I mean there were some okay dresses but none of them were really great.we found some really stupid dresses though and I took pictures of two of them. The bad thing about it is these are considered prom dresses. What happened to society to think these look good. (Though the plaid dress I'd wear to like a punk rock show.)
I had a lot of fun, and I'm glad I was able to hang out with Kathryn because it has been forever since I've actually hung out with her.

Anyway. That's pretty much it. Recording for the podcast this week got pushed till tomorrow after church. I just hope I don't have my adrenaline rush like I did about an hour and a half after we last did our stick routine for youth choir. I'm excited because we actually get to do the stick routine for the youth group. I hope we do good, and that the younger ones don't get to nervous.

Talk to you all later.