Thursday, September 24, 2009

My feet are cold.

That has nothing to do with what I'm blogging about.

I have completely neglected this blog.

I can't blame it on being busy. I haven't been busy. I haven't been up to anything. I have just been plain lazy!!!

So I have a few updates.

1: I am now a member of the Brain eclipse video collab channel on youtube. I am Saturday. Nobody has posted since I joined though. lol. I'm sure it's only temporary.

2: With the brain Eclipse crew, we have thoroughly discussed going to Infinitus 2010. Now for those of you who don't know Infinitus is a Harry Potter Conference. It will be held from July 15-18 at the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter is Universal Studios newest theme park, and it will be so awesome. I'm truly excited about going, and I'm even more excited about meeting the Brain Eclipse crew as we head down there together. :)

3: I have started writing video ideas. I have been wanting to get back into making vlogs, and music videos. A lot of ideas have been storming into my brain, and I just need to get them out. I'll post the videos up once they are uploaded.

I have applied to three jobs; Pizza Hut, Staples, and CVS. In a week, I'm going to start calling them and asking how my application is going. I really need a job.

My brother told me that our friend, Alan, is looking for another job. He currently works at the movie theater with my brother. Now I know this sounds mean, but I hope he finds another job. If he gets another job, then he's going to quit the Theater job, and Eric is going to ask the manager to interview me for a job there. Now as much as I don't want to work with my brother (And since he is management, he'll be over what I do), I really need a job. I need something that pays, and if that means getting orders from my brother then so be it.

I need a car. For two reasons. One, I'm tired of having to ask my mother and other people for a ride places, and two because I need to go visit my friends.
Most of my friends are in college, and I want to be able to go visit them. I have a few friends (Thanks to Awanita) that don't live anywhere near me. I need to be able to go visit them on a weekend or something.
I want to be able to drive when I need to when Cassen and I go on that road trip that we want to go on soon. Let's face it I don't want my brother having to drive the entire time!!!

I've been obsessed with Doctor Who and reading lately. I really don't need to give an explanation on either one of those because they are both freaking awesome!!!

That's pretty much it.

Hopefully the next time you see a blog from me, it will include a video from me. :)



P.S. I forgot to mention that I've been dating Casey for two months now!!! I'm excited. I've never been in a relationship for that long before. It's weird for me.