Saturday, February 28, 2009

My fitness goal

Monday, February 16, 2009

This weekend sumed up.

So as you all know this weekend was Valentine's day weekend...Whoop-de-doo...I don't care.

Friday The 13th was the day for me.
You know how they always say that Friday the 13th is the unlucky day for people. Well for me, it's always been a really good day, and this past Friday was evidence of that fact.

So there was a show at Club Distortion(formerly TCBY, Espresso Easley, and Muggs), and it was fantastic. There were 6 bands that played. and they all were good in their own way. The bands were(And in the order they played.) Send The Seraph, Rotton Cotton, The Fuzz Cremes(Which Michael asked Rotton Cotton if they would be his back up band. It was so funny!), As Your Own, Noel Thrasher(And yes that is her real name, and she is a fantastic singer.), and A Bridge To Far.

I had a lot of fun at the show and I wouldn't have thought of a better way to spend my Friday night then to go to a local show. I missed going to local shows because well it was a great way for me to find new and fresh music, and to be able to say that I support local music.

Anyway Valentine's Day always seem to be my unlucky day. Well for one, I've never had a Valentine. To be quite honest though, I don't like Valentine's Day. Even if I had a boyfriend, or I was dating someone, I wouldn't celebrate it anyway. I just think it's consumerism at it's finest. I mean a lot of the stuff that is spent on Valentine's day is either eaten, dies in a few days, or just sits in a corner, or in a colset somewhere, so why not take the money you'd spend on Valentine's day and put it into savings. It would do you a lot better what with the hard econmic times we are going through right now.

Anyways, back to my day. It was usual. Then Recording for the podcast was that night. It was okay. Jason's friend Paul was there which made it bad for me because I just now got used to speaking good in front of Todd and Tyler. When it's just one other person in the room, I'm okay with talking because it's like having a one on one conversation with the person in the room. I've never been confortable with talking in front of more then on person. I find it a bit odd though. I can dance, and do color guard in front of many many people, but when it comes to speaking, I can speak in front of more than one person. That's just how my brain functions.

So Sunday, I went to church of course. I love going to Church. It's the one place I feel safe. Safer than my home in fact. Also, I get to talk to some of my best friends. Jennifer is probably my closest friend there. She's the sweetest person I have ever met, and she's also very smart. She's also the one I trust the most, and I have serious trust issues. It takes a while for me to trust someone, and she was one of those people who got my trust almost instantly after meeting her. The only other people to have that same trust with me is Kathryn, and Clint.

The only problem with Sunday was the fact that i over slept my nap. I was of course getting into God's will, which it says on the Sabbath day you are not to work, and that it's a day to relax and reenergize yourself for the upcoming week. That's why I always loved it when Pastor Jim called it "getting into God's Will." Anyway I woke up at exactly 6 pm. which is when evening service starts. So I didn't get to go to evening service. That sucks for me. I love Evening service. It's the same every week. I play in the orchestra, and normally Killian and myself then go to the youth servide(Sometimes we are joined by Brandon.), and sit against the back wall. Well I missed it. Now Killian is going to call me a Heathen Wednesday, and he's probably going to forget my honey!!!

Well today is President's Day, and so far nothing has happened. To me, it's just another typical Monday...Except Eric had to work, so I actually get computer time. Oh how I love Holiday's that cause schools to get out, and cause Eric to work. lol.

Well that's all.

I noticed that I get off track way to much...I need to work on that if I'm going to be reviewing new releases of cd's. I better get on that. lol.

Much love people.

I hope I didn't bore you all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Workcrew Weekend.

So this past weekend I went up to Camp Awanita for Workcrew Weekend. Workcrew Weekend is for those who have volunteered or worked as summer staff up at the camp, and is our weekend of fun. Now first off I'm going to go ahead and say that this is the first time I've been up there not to work, and it was quite refreshing.

This weekend was well needed. I was in desperate need to get away from home, and have fun. Being stuck at home with nothing to do for a few days gets quite boring let alone a few months. I went up there Friday morning. I got to help with stuff in the kitchen, and I got to make pinwheels(Which if you've never had them...they are fantastic). Then it came time for the others to arrive, and I got excited! I got to see so many of my camp friends that I haven't seen since the summer, but I was also disappointed that Bama, Josh I., and Zackuri were not able to come. I was however excited to see Matt(Smiley), and I also got to meet one of his sisters(He has three older sisters, and an older brother. I have yet to meet one of the sisters.) Though with that excitement I was dealt even more disappointment. He is not going to be summer staff again this summer. He was one person I knew I could trust, and that's going to be hard on me this summer, but I know I'll be able to manage.

Anyway. We played some games, and had worship, and a message, and then had a bunch of free time. Saturday was also another amazing day. It was such a nice day out that I would not go inside...well, I went inside to get some water, and batteries, and to put my jacket up. After breakfast we had worship and another message. This message was meant for me. I've been wanting to be able to share my testimony for quite sometime. I've only shared it one other time, but that was Three months after I was saved. I mean it counts for something, but I felt like it wasn't the right time for me to give it. Well Joey(The speaker) was talking about how we are to go about giving our testimony. Since that message the whole day I was thinking of my testimony, and that I felt like it was going to be soon that I give it to somebody. Well, after the message, we are given a bit of free time before lunch, so a bunch of us go to one of the fields and play some ultimate Frisbee. I love Ultimate. It's one of my favorite sports to play(Hockey's the other.) Well I quickly realize that my catching has gone down the tubes. At least I still can throw it good. It's been forever since I played.

When we were done we went to lunch, and then after that I went back to the lodge to get my camera. I wanted to get a loud of pictures, because I never had time while working to get any good shots. Before I could take any pictures, Benny(The new staff Dad) asked me if I wanted to help ride the horses to the holding pen. So I accepted. I got to ride Cinnamon which was awesome cause I love that horse. He was the first horse I rode there, and I haven't ridden any other one. Anyway after that I pretty much walked all over the camp taking pictures, and hanging with random groups. I got to hang with Matt for a bit and have maybe one of our last chats. then we had dinner, and after that we went back to the lodge, and had a worship service, but we pretty much didn't have time for a message cause the worship was just so amazing. It was something I think everybody needed, and it was something I can't explain, but I could feel God moving in that place.

After that a few of us girls went into a room and we talked over our feelings. It was of the few times where I felt like I wasn't the only one struggling with demons, and I wasn't the only one really good at hiding repressed feelings. It also was the time I was able to give my testimony. I knew I was going to to have to give it, I just didn't think it would be so soon. See all the girls in the room were younger than me. They all are at where I was at so many years ago, so it was great for them to get my point of view and let them know that I got saved at 17 and that it isn't to late for anybody. I just hope that my story will help one of the girls in particular, because her story was the reason why I gave my story. It's amazing how similar people's lives can be.

Sunday was a bitter sweet day for me. For one it meant that I had to leave all those people whom I care for, and go back to the real world. Two, I had to say goodbye to Matt, and I probably may never get to talk to him, though maybe I might who knows. Three, I had to go back to a place that spiritually is not very sound for me. But with those downs there are ups. I got to share my story, and maybe help another person to salvation. I have new friends, and new relationships with people who know where I'm coming from. I figured out that Awanita when under the right circumstances is a fantastic place. I also got over something that was so minuscule that it really shouldn't have affected me in the first place.

All in all, this weekend was a fantastic, enlightening, and joyful weekend, and I'm really glad I was able to enjoy it. I am now fully ready fr summer, and what it will bring.