Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unwanted week

This week was one of those weeks you wish never happened.
My mom's Boyfriend's brother, Ronnie, passed away Wednesday morning.
I mean we saw it coming, so it wasn't as big of a shock, but it still was devastating.
He wasn't family to me, but he was like it. Rickey(My mom's boyfriend) and his Family always made me and my bro feel welcome. My Dad's side of the family never made us feel welcome one bit! I find that funny.

Anyways off of the depressing stuff.

I saw a friend of mine Wednesday I haven't seen since May. She goes to Clemson and dates someone who goes to my church. She is now a member of my church when she goes to Clemson, anywhos when she finish her semester there she went to Virginia to stay with her dad(Her mom lives in Spartanburg but they-'re still together...long story), and then in around June 18 she went to Europe. well I moved into Awanita June 5 so if she came back to Spartanburg and visited at my church then I wouldn't have been able to see her. And when she got back she had to move into Clemson because she's an RA this year so there was another month of me not seeing her. So I was excited to see her. We were in the middle of playing a song and I saw her and dropped my mallets. It was quite funny.

Anyways, nothing else excited happened this week...well for me anyways.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My reflections on my experience at Awanita

Camp Awanita was by far one of the most ... interesting experiences to date. A lot happened to me while I was there and every that happened either shocked me or threw me for a loop. I am going to say that working there was no small feat. It was tough work. I though somedays that I wasn't going to be able to take anymore of it and that I wanted to go home right that instance. Somedays I was excited to work and ended up emotionally drained. At the ropes course, we sometimes had really awesome groups that I ended up have a great time instructing them through each little obsticle, and other groups made me want to rip my ears off and gouge my eyeballs out of it's socket. When it came time to clean lodges, I was ready to get it over with because the sooner it was done, the sooner we had break, but I was still wanted the work to be close to perfect so I wouldn't have to go back later to go over something.

Every week or week-end we'd have what we call Workcrew come up and help with that camp. Some of the workcrew were awesome and I love them to death...Others I could care less if I ever see them again. One group of girls in particular. All they ever did was whine, complain, and scream. My gosh they would scream...and over the stupidest stuff. Like one girl screamed over mop water hitting her shoe... it wouldn't have bothered me if I wasn't put in charge that one day. I don't know maybe I'm not cut out to be put in charge...ever!!!

The people I got to work with on the summer staff are some of the coolest people ever!!! There were a few that I couldn't stand, and almost...almost gave them a piece of my mind that shouldn't be revealed at a Christian camp... We were constantly around each other. living 24/7 around people you never would imagine talking to for two months make you rethink how you view people. I made friends with people in my world I would never talk to, and they turned out to be some of the people I loved the most! I got really close witha few people in particular

Awanita has so many memories. I never thought that anything would ever top my marching band experience, but Awanita ties with it. Maybe with my volunteering in November, Workcrew weekend, and going back as summer staff again next summer will possibly push it way over my band years. Who knows? I can't wait to go back, and I can't wait to call it my home again.