Monday, November 24, 2008


Recommended by my pal Harrison
"The Chelak"

7 things I can do
1. Think
2. Dance
3. Make chocolate covered pretzels
4. Take Photos
5. film awkward moments
6. cause awkward moments
7. write

7 things I can't do
1. Sing on tune by myself
2. clean my room
3. be interesting
4. control myself
5. hold a grudge
6. stop thinking
7. think of comebacks immediately

7 things I can't live without
1. Music
2. Colorguard
3. Camp Awanita
4. Writing
5. Friends
6. My camera
7. My Zune

7 people who mean a lot to me
1. Kathryn
2. Clint
3. My mom
4. Matt H.
5. Bippy
6. Symon
7. Angie

7 web personalities I like
1. LiveLavaLive
2. Boh3m3
3. Sarah Lane
4. Martin Sargent
5. Brookers
6. Sunshine Taylor
7. Kevin Rose

7 Websites I visit everyday

7 bands I love
1. Linkin Park
2. Love You To Death(A.K.A. The Pettit Project)
3. Oh Hush!
4. Skye Sweetnam
5. Weezer
6. Of Montreal
7. Coheed & Cambria
(Even though I love a lot more bands, this is all I can list.

Thanks again to Harrison for recommending this little project to do.
I needed something for the boredom.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reviews: Twilight And PopSiren

It's been a long while since I last posted a blog, and I think I've gone on long enough not posting.

So recently I've been reading Twilight. Now before you go all, "Oh My Gosh, I can't believe you are going to be one of those mindless drones that think that Edward is like the best thing since sliced bread." For one I've been wanting to read the book since about two or so years, but I could never check out the books because they were never checked in or they were being held when I went in(i only go to the library once a month.) Two: Don't think I'm just now a fan of Vampire's because Edward is. I've been a Vampire Freak for many many years now...I can blame my dad for that. Dracula was one of his favorite movies, and it became one of my favorite one's too.
Anyway I'm getting away with my little rant.
I read Twilight and just finished New Moon this morning. I think the books are wonderful. It's been a while since I've found a book that I can actually finish and not be bored with it from start to finished. I liked Twilight so much that I read it twice in one week. That says a lot coming from my mouth. I do recommend this book for anyone who's a fan of Vampires(Though if you are one of those crazed Vamp enthusiasts, then you will not like the fact that a lot of the vampire myths that have been shown in many movies and comic books, are just that myths.), Romance, A little bit of violence, drama, and a little bit of mystery. This book will keep you wanting to read just to find out what happens next. It is a true page turner and you will not want to put it down. Stephenie Meyer did an excellent job with Twilight and New Moon, and I'm excited to read the final two books in the series as well as her book "The Host"

Now I also stumbled across a little web show today called Pop Siren. I like it very much. Sarah lane, who used to be on various shows on Tech TV host it and talks about pop culture with a techy twist. If you want to hear about news not shown on tv, or music you probably will never hear about on MTV, then it's the perfect web show for you. A new episode premieres every Thursday at 3 pm est. and noon pst with daily pop siren bites through out the week. I recommend it for any tech/internet savvy female that want more insight on the internet world. Visit to watch past episodes and look out for new episodes.

I know this was more of a review blog than a about my life blog. I might end up making a review blog in the future, but for now, this will do.

Other than that, there really isn't nothing new in my life, and I don't feel like dwelling in on what is happening at the moment, so I am leveing you now with some words of wisdom...

"If...the machine of of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law." -Henry David Thoreau