Saturday, August 6, 2011

BEDAugust was a fail this year.

I was so hyped up and ready to do BEDA this month, and then the moment it turned to August the 1st, I was bombarded with so much stuff! So here I am to tell you why I haven't been blogging at all this week.

About a week and a half ago I was asked out on a date for my next day off. My next day off just so happened to be this past Monday. We got together at around noon. We went for lunch at a sushi place in Greenville. Then we went to Downtown Greenville to get coffee at Coffee Underground, and to walk around Falls Park. We then went to Books-A-Million (He automatically won awesome points with that one.), and then to his house to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. What made the watching of the HP so awesome was the fact that he hasn't seen but one movie (And of all the ones he watched he watched the worse one in my opinion: Goblet Of Fire). I am just converting all of these people to like HP. it is quite great, but I digress. The point of the story is, we got along like a big house on fire.

Tuesday I worked. After I got off, I joined my mom in watching the rest of the last HP movie. When we got home, we went out to eat and then shopping. Again another day where I wasn't home.

Wednesday, I worked until five when Patrick (My date from Monday, now my boyfriend) picked me up and we went to my house to hang out. I was home the rest of the night, but I was busy watching movies and youtube videos, and playing Halo Reach.

Thursday was my day off, but I went shopping for groceries for the following week so that I won't starve while my mom is at the beach. After that, I took a nap, and when Patrick got off work, I went to hang out with him. I got to meet his friends, and I think they like me which is awesome! :)

Friday, I went to weight watchers where I found out I lost 5.6 pounds this week!?!?!?!?!? This shocked the hell out of me, but hey I will take it. :) THen I got home and got ready really quickly because I thought I worked opening shift. When I got there however I found out that I work the closing shift. When I got home I took a nap, and when it was time I walked to work and didn't get home until well after midnight.

Tonight is the first night I have been able to blog, and it would have been sooner in the day if it wasn't for my internet being stupid and not working.

So in the past week I gained a boyfriend. Not much, but considering how much time we have spent together just in this one week, it has made it almost impossible for me to write here. I will try a lot better for the rest of the month because I really do love blogging.

Now I am going to go because I have been on my knees entirely too long, and it is now really hard for me to get up now.

I will start the music video of the day back up tomorrow. :)

DFTBA and much love