Saturday, January 31, 2009

So yesterday...

...Was a pretty awesome day!

I went to the CIPA Qualifier at The High School, and it was awesome. So I knew going into the competition that a lot of the groups would not be finished with their shows. Most of the groups start in December, or the very beginning of January, and some groups have very little time for practice, but in order for groups to be able to compete in the CIPA circut they have to perform in a qualifier. Normally qualifiers are quite boring cause the drumline shows are only either a third or half of the way done, and most of the guards walk around doing nothing because they haven't learned work for those sets yet. Normally at these events I'm quite bored, and never really into it. I thought I was just going to be cheering for the Easley groups, but for once and I'm being quite honest, this qualifier quenched my thirst. There were so many good groups, and yeah they may have been sloppy, but this was only the first competition of the season. With more practices and more competitions the groups will get better.

I like to think of the colorguard scene kind of like the x-games scene. You think you've seen it all, but there's always bigger and better tricks coming. Color Guard is evolving and growing, and coming to a point where in order to do better, you have to do these new tricks and do them well. It's amazing, and it makes me want to be able to do a lot of the stuff they are doing.

Anyways, I kind of derailed off my main subject of this entire blog. Trifecta got first place, and there was one other group in their class. I am a bit mad at myself though. Their show was so awesome, and I was so close to trying out. I mean I was studying that music a lot(Even though I had it for only a week.), and getting myself prepped. Oh well, I would have just slowed them down.

The Varsity's show was freaking amazing. The show was entitled 212. Based on the whole water boils at 212 degrees. I loved it like whoa!!! Everyone of those people in the Varsity I've seen grow so much, and they all are amazing talented people. They deserved the first place!!!

The JV's show(Entitled Asylum...I think.) was also amazing, and I liked it a lot...I just wish it wasn't that Rihanna song Disturbia. To me that song is just so annoying, and the fact I've never been a Rihanna fan and find her annoying, just makes it hard for me to want to listen to the song. I love their show though. It goes well with it, and they are all just so animated, and taking the sort of insane asylum theme to the limit it should be at.

Other than that I got to hang out with Kathryn for a while. I got a few chances to sit and chat with Clint, but he was a runner(Poor soul). He pretty much had collect al the judging sheets, and take them to the room where they tabulate the scores. The times I got to talk with him were cool. It's been a while. I also got to see my friend Amber, who was in guard with me and also graduated with me. It was good to see her. I saw so many other people, but didn't get a chance to talk to them. That and I also kind of felt awkward just walking up to someone and saying hey.

After they announced that Easley Varsity won the Intermediate class, I left and went straight to record the podcast. Brandon and Todd wasn't there, which I didn't mind cause I wanted to get home and sleep, and I know that if they would have been there, I'd stay until they left, which meant holding off sleep. The holding off of sleep happened anyway. I watched the new episode of Doctor Who. What makes me mad though, is it's a to be continued episode, and next week is the season finale. I won't be home next Saturday to watch it. :( Oh Well.

Today is so far good. Sunday school was very thought provoking. Tony made us take a Super Bowl test thing. then he made us flip the paper over. Here is the assignment he gave us: "An angel comes to you at the very end of the day, and tells you that today was your last day to live, but I'll let you live one more day if you write a heart felt meaning full letter of encouragement or to tell them about Jesus, and you'll get one more day to live."

To me stuff like this gets my mind worked up, and I get so inspired. He said it could be to anyone. The first person that popped in my head was my best friend Clint so I wrote a letter to him, but I'd rather not post it here. I'm going to send him what it said, because I think he should know.

Anyway The morning service was good also. I liked it a lot. Pastor Jim is amazing. He not only preaches, but he dives into the text and expresses the deeper meaning of what the text says and means. He's amazing, and I'm glad he's at Brushy Creek.

Well that's all for now.

I need a nap!!!

Much love

Friday, January 30, 2009

I have a feeling...

...That this weekend will be full of awesome!!!

Even though I only got hour of of sleep today(from 8 am to 9 am), I feel super happy and energized!!! I think the only reason why I could not sleep was because one; I had a Nos energy drink about 2 or 3 hours before I went to bed, and two; I also had two Nos energy drinks that day... I am going to stop drink energy drinks. They are bad for you. That and I finally finished making my rainbow drink can tab necklace!!! YAY!!! Now I can wear it in public, and it won't look wonky!!!

Not to say that I did not try to get to sleep last night. Trust me I did. But while I was trying I keep having the same sort of dream happen over and over again. It was almost like it wasn't a dream more like a memory...from the future. It was quite weird, so I'm not going to expound on it.

Anyway. I sign onto my myspace page, and I got a message from a band I featured on my radio show, as well as featured as an Independent band of the week on The New Rock podcast. Let's just say you are reading the journal of the Vessel's Fan of The Month winner. This is the first month them doing this contest, and I'm the first winner!!! How awesome is that!!! I get my picture plastered on their myspace page, and I also get their cd and stickers for free! That was just cool!!!

Anyway tomorrow is the CIPA(Carolina Indoor Performance Association) Qualfier at Easley High School, which is convinent for me. I get to see all my friends perform, and get to see the retreat and won't have to worry about missing recording for the show. I'm excited to see The Easley Guards, especially since both the Varsity and the JV are in the same class of competition, and The JV performs last. I wonder how that will turn out. No matter what happens though I'm still proud of all of them!!!

Anyway Recording is tomorrow, and I'm excited. I'm not really happy about being late, but I do get to record which to me is better than not. Which will happen next week.

Next Weekend is Workcrew Weekend at Camp Awanita, and I thought I'd be more excited. Most of the people I want to see aren't going to be there. Bama can't cause she doesn't have a car, Josh I. has some type of test that saturday, Zack is going to come...I don't know why. Zack's home schooled so he isn't really limited to much...though like me he doesn't drive. Matt might not come. He's not sure if he wants to drive or not. he better come!!! I need someone to talk to and help with my sanity. I hope Sadie comes, but she can leave her friend April back home. I just really didn't get a good vibe from her.

On other news Bama is going to see Death Cab in Concert in May! She is so lucky!!! I'd like to go with her, because I've never seen Death Cab Live, and She'd be awesome to go to shows with!!! She's almost my musical twin! lol

I'm hoping something happens this weekend, I'm not going to elabrate cause I don't want to jynx it, but I hope it happens. It goes along with the semi dream I had, while trying to sleep.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

pretty much what I said over at Cult Vault...

So this weekend was a great one...for the most part. Saturday I got my Hank Green Cd "So Jokes" in the mail, and I took it to Jason's house so That I could open, and look at it while we record the podcast. I take the cd out of the sleeve, and the cd is cracked!!! I was so upset and sad. I had been waiting for it for three weeks, so that was kind of disappointing. I just now sent an email over to the guys at DFTBA Records, so hopefully I can send it back in and get a replacement.

Recording for this weeks show was way better than last weeks show. I mean I didn't speak my mind much last week. I figured out why. I speak much better, and speak more if there are less people. See Jason and I normally try and record as much as possible before Brandon and Tyler come because to be quite honest, we get so distracted when they arrive(It's more me getting distracted than Jason). Anyway, I also speak less when they arrive because I don't speak very well when there is more than one person listening to me. I can do the whole radio thing because I can't see who I'm speaking too. Now couple the getting distracted thing with my inability to speak in front of multiple people, and add that to the fact I like Brandon. I get nervous speaking around him, and I pretty much have to change my persona to be able to hide the nervousness. He's a great guy though. I sent him a message on Facebook asking him if he liked me at all. I'm starting to regret that now. I mean I'd like to know now before I get too emotionally attached, but at the same time I don't want to ruin a friendship that could be by asking such a stupid question. I feel like I'm repeating history a bit. Only a few people would understand what I'm saying.

Oh well I get paranoid way to much and I think everything that could go wrong will go wrong.

Anyway. Sunday was church of course. After the late service was over, Some of the members of the youth choir got together to go out to eat at Wendy's, and go to the grocery store to get supplies for the His Song White Out Party(His Song is the name of the youth Choir.) It was pretty fun. after we got the supplies we went back to the church to decorate the multi-purpose room. Just hanging out and getting ready for this party I figured out that I'm more of a role model to these kids then I actually realized. The kids that actually stayed to help are pretty much the youngest in the group(Three of them in 6th grade, one in 8th grade and one in 9th grade.) I need to be a better role model, and right now I feel like I'm not. It's time for me to be the person I want to be, and the person that most people know me as.

other than that, I just found this video, and it mixes two of my favorite songs ever. Mr Ozio's "Flatbeat", and Missy Elliot's "Gossip Folks". It's pretty narly!!! I like it.

Have a great night everyone

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So Lately has been quite boring, so I'm very thankful for those times I get to leave my house and hang out with cool friends.

Saturday nights are always a blast hanging out with Jason, Todd, and Tyler recording the podcast and just talking about random things!!! We played Scrabble in what I think was my most humiliating loss ever!!! Normally I'm spot on and really good(Unless I'm playing against Harrison), and at the very least get third place, but I was not so lucky. I got to many repeating letters that I could never make a decent word. It was like that one time at the scrabble club when I got pretty much all I's and one other letter. Yeah I was that unlucky. Lately when I play I score over a hundred before the game is over, but I only scored 50 something!!! Harrison is probably going to be ashamed, though I doubt he'd read this. Besides my horrific defeat, I had fun. I also left the recording even more confused than I already was. I guess that's what happens when I let myself get emotionally involved with someone.

Another time I enjoy getting out of the house is when I go to Church. I get to learn more in an environment that I feel safe in. I also get an opportunity to be a worship leader when I play in the orchestra. And to top off all that, I get to hang out with friends that make me feel like I matter. Jennifer, Killian, Kemper, Skank, Megan, and everyone else are true friends, and I know I can trust them!!!

Oh and I guess it's not much a shocker, but I got my Hair cut Sunday. I needed it like crazy, and I like it a lot. It was getting long, and to be quite honest I did not want to get it cut, but it was in bad shape and it needed the dead ends cut off. Now I can grow it out and it be longer than before!!!

That's pretty much it!!!

Much love