Monday, May 31, 2010

This is a refresher summer...

This is the first summer in two years that I'm not going away for two months. It's a weird feeling to not be packing up ten weeks worth of clothes and random junk I'll never use.

It's like my welcome back to a lazy summer, but it won't be that lazy considering all I am going to be doing this summer.

I still have my job at the theater, and it is starting to get a little stressful. The District Manager just moved to Anderson which is about a forty five minute drive to Easley. This is NOT a good thing. This man is strict and he is also a douche bag which makes it worse. He is one of those guys that fires you for a very minuscule reason. He made all of these rules for us to follow that make no sense what-so-ever. We normally would ask people if they would like butter, but he told us not to ask anymore because it will take too much time. I tested this theory out, and it actually took up more time. People love butter here. You'd think it were going out of style. There is rarely anyone who doesn't want butter on their popcorn (and if you are one of these people, thank you so much!). He also wants us to up-sale everytime!!! That takes too much time, and when you have a crowd of over two hundred people it is just not worth it. I'm sorry to complain, but whenever the manager of the theater is stressed out to the point of tears, you know there has to be something wrong.

Infinitus is only 44 days (I am writing this at midnight so it is technically Tuesday now.), and I finally have music to learn for the Final Battle. It is a lot of pages, but I think I can get my parts down! I love a challenge, and this just excites me more. If any of you follow Alan Lastufka's Blog, then you would have read that he donated $1,000 to the fund that we are trying to raise. That just made everyone's day that is involved with the musical, especially Mallory and Lena! Now all we have to raise is less than $500 (I'm guessing it's less because of him asking people to help donate). All of the money we are raising is going to building the set and to rent instruments (mainly the one's I am going to be playing.) If we raise more than is needed, then it is going straight to the Harry Potter Alliance. I just think that is awesome!!! I am really excited for everyone to see the finished product! If you would like to donate then you can go to

Hopefully this summer I will get to reconnect with the friends that I haven't gotten to hang out with because of going to camp two summers in a row.
Maybe not going to Awanita this years is going to be the best thing for me. At least I hope it is!

Since Alan helped out the Final Battle, I am going to promote his single "Erase This" It's the least I can do. He is an amazing person for that.

Well I'm off to bed.

Much love!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've won at life!!!

Or at least a contest!

I enter contest all the time, and I have yet to win one... Until now!!!

Jessica Brody was holding a contest for her new book "The Karma Club". It was to get people to watch the book trailer. Each person was given a special link, and how ever many clicks that link got the person got that many entries. I don't know how many I got, but it was enough for me to win a 25 dollar itunes card. It's not much, but I still won something. I would have rather won that instead of the grand prize because I'm not a big fan of the flip cams, and it helps me grow my music collection (Which is at a little over seven thousand songs!). Not only did I get the gift card, I also got a book mark and a sneak peek of the book which Jessica Brody signed. I find that pretty cool.

Anyway, It has been a while since I last posted (and has anyone noticed that I say that in every blog post I write?).

I have started to drive. I am no where near being able to afford a car and insurance yet, but I thought it would be a good thing to learn in advance. It's also kind of a good thing as well because my mom is getting herself pretty much a full body physical, and she needs someone to be able to drive her if needed. Yesterday she had a colonscopy, and was heavily sedated. She actually waited until I was a little comfortable driving to have this done. So I wasn't as nervous driving her as if she were to have it done a week ago. I've only been driving for two weeks and she was comfortable and trustworthy enough to have me drive her in a incoherent state. That actually made me more confident that nervous or scared. I love my mom. She is awesome.
Hopefully I will be able to go for my drivers license in a few weeks. That's my plan anyway.

Well I'm going to go. I hope everyone is having a great month. I hope to blog again soon!

Much love and DFTBA

The Karma Club