Saturday, April 27, 2013

BEDA 2013 #27: Read-A-Thon Fail

My skin is still really really soft from yesterday!

I am kind of failing at doing to read-a-thon.  I haven't even started, and I only have a couple of hours before I go to work, so I might only get a little bit of reading to do.  I wish the read-a-thon happened on a day that I wasn't working.  I might just have my own read-a-thon on my next day off.  I can read for 30 minutes, and take a break to either clean, or figure out my make-up for Misti-con.  I hope to get a couple of pages read at work as well when we hit some down time and I am finished my top of the shows list.  I just need to read!  Besides The Hyrule Historia that I read at night before bed, I have started the Great Gatsby.  I am enjoying what I have read so far, and I am hoping to have it finished before the movie comes out.  If there is ever a movie to come out that is based off of a book, I like to read the book first if I can.  I sometimes wait until the last minute, and miss getting to see the movie in theaters which sucks, but what can you do.  This time I started it a couple of weeks before it comes out, and since it is only one hundred and eighty something pages, I should be finished before it comes out.  I would also like to be finished with it before I go to Misti-con as well, and if I am super motivated, I would like to be finished with it before this month ends.  That is my ultimate goal for it.  That way I have more than just two books to showcase in my book wrap up video for April.  I have kind of slacked off with my read.  It's not that I am getting tired of reading, it is just that I have a lot on my mind with Misti-Con, and getting ready for that, and also helping Patrick with various things related to his wreck.  On days where we both have time to do things together, I would rather drive around in my car, than have him drive the Bronco that he is using until he can get a better car.  I don't want to make him have to pay 70 dollars to fill up his gas tank.  He has helped me a lot, and I want to help him as well.

Eric is very sore from the seminar last night.  I am glad that he had fun, and that it was worth going.  It was definitely worth it for me, and I am pretty sure if you read my blarg yesterday, you know all about how I enjoyed Lush.  haha  I think I might be annoying my mom with how much I am talking about it, but it was awesome, and I really want to take her to one of those stores, so we can get free facials and hand massages.  I think she would love it.  She has a problem with harsh smells like I do, and it gives us headaches when it is too strong and bothersome.  I feel like she would love it because the smells are natural.  There are no harsh chemical smells in that store.  It was very pleasant, and not over baring to my senses.  She would love it.  :)  Mom, if you are reading this, I am taking you and soon!

Today's song is "Walking on Air" by Kerli!  I love Kerli, and this video was my first time ever seeing her.  The moment I saw the video, I had to get her album, and it is still to this day one of my favorite albums!  She is an amazing songstress, and has a dreamy, soothing, and enthralling voice, and her songs just make me happy.  I get hints of Bjork sound in her voice, and that is what made me so interested in her, and it just makes me smile.  It is just so awesome to know that there are honest hard working people in the music industry making amazing content and putting their souls into the music and on the line for their art.  She is one of those that use her talents for good, and it is just awe inspiring.  I also love her style.  Whoever tries and say she is trying to copy Lady Gaga need to check the dates.  This video came out two years before Lady Gaga was ever on the music scene.  I hope you all enjoy the music video as much as I did when I saw it in 2003.  I am a moon child for life, and maybe when you watch it you will become a fellow moon child as well.

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