Monday, April 29, 2013

BEDA 2013 #29: Some people...

Two more day of Blog every day April!!!  I am sad, but oh so relieved.  I am starting to run out of things to talk about, and I feel like I am repeating a lot of stuff now.

I have a story for you all tonight.  I was at work, and this couple walks in.  The girl in the couple was wearing a shirt that had the Hogwarts crest on it.  In my mind I was saying "Yes!  A fellow Potterhead!".  So as she was walking up to the usher stand, Me being a Potter fan, I asked her, "Which house are you in?"  She starts freaking out looking at her ticket probably thinking that I asked her which theater are they in.  I thought she misheard me, so I replied with, "I was referring to your shirt, which house are you in."  She grabbed at her shirt so she could look at it and said, "Oh I don't know what this is, I just thought it looked cool."....... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  You bought a shirt of something you know nothing about.  I should have asked her if she had ever heard of Harry Potter, or said something along those lines, but I just let it go because I felt like it was a wasted cause.  I could have taught her the wondrous ways of Harry Potter, but they probably wanted to watch their move.  They also went to see Pain and Gain, so I lost hope.  I don't get how people could just wear something that obviously has a story behind the picture, but not know or not want to know what it is about.  The fact that she had no idea what Hogwarts was, just made me sad.  The worst part about it is I know where she got that shirt.  She got it at Kohl's, and it is hanging right underneath a Justin Bieber shirt in the juniors department.  Yep.  That's my little rant.

Moving on.  We got a Star Trek Into Darkness Standee in today, and Cooper, Katie and I got to build it.  That was pretty fun actually.  It is probably the easiest standees I have had to help make.  It was tall though, so that was the only problem.  It was funny because Coop was trying to flip it would be easier for us to attach the 3D effect piece on, and he started to walk backwards.  He got really close to the back piece, and I thought he was going to miss it, but he stepped on the first flap that was closest to him, and stepped right on the other flap causing it to rip in two places.  It was funny because he was like where were you two at.  I said, you said you had it, so I thought it was safe to think you had it.  It is too funny working with him.  Me and Katie were laughing.

Today's song is "Her Words Destroyed My Planet" by Motion City Soundtrack.  I need to start getting ready for Warped Tour and listening to the bands I want to see, and this is one of the bands I am super excited about seeing live!!!  I hear amazing things about them live, and I love their music, so it is going to be a blast seeing them!

Well until tomorrow, and the very last day of Blog every day April!


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